Voigt Optyk appeared for the first time in Cracow’s trade journal in 1910. The company was founded by Helena Voigt. Since the very beginning, Voigt Optyk has been a family business.

Developing industry and technologization of everyday life required people to be able see better in order to meet the new work requirements.

Helena had two sons – Jan and Stanisław. She sent them to Germany to study at the most famous optical school in Jena. The school was founded by the famous Carl Zeiss.
Jan did not finish his education due to growth of the company. He had to come back to Cracow in order to help his mother run the business. His younger brother Jan finished his education after four full years, in 1932.
Voigt Optyk became one of the fastest growing companies in Cracow and soon Helena could afford to buy a tenement at Floriańska 47. Since 1928, it has been the main point of service of Voigt Optyk. Thanks to Stanisław’s contacts, the company started a partnership with Leica Company and Carl Zeiss AG.

Gradually, the shop of Helena Voigt began to fill with other accessories, directly or indirectly related to optics, such as: magnifiers, telescopes, cameras and photographic film.

Voigt Optyk was still running during the war. Stanisław and Jan had German education, which helped in keeping the business open. After war, when the Soviet army entered Poland, the company was robbed from its entire inventory.
In the late 40’s Voigt Optyk encountered significant difficulties. The communist government wanted to abolish every private company in the country. The company was divided into two smaller companies in order to avoid that. It helped to keep Voigt Optyk in the hands of the Voigt family.
In 1978, the younger son of Stanisław - Piotr returned from Jena, where he had been attending the same school as his father. Piotr brought some new, fresh ideas into family business.
Thanks to his efforts, Voigt Optyk was the first company in Poland to begin developing and selling contact lenses. It was a huge success for the company. 
In the following years, Barbara, sister of Piotr, joined the company, taking the place of Jan and his son Andrzej who decided to professionally engage in photography.

In the mid-eighties, Stanisław also left the company, mainly due to poor health.

Towards the end of the 1980’s Voigt Optyk opened two new branches – in Chrzanów and Myślenice.
For over 100 years Voigt Optyk has been one of the most successful and innovative companies in Poland. The company cares about tradition and progress, while educating students of the optical profession.